Proj-X Design aims to impress at Events Uncovered

By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia, 23 June, 2015

Proj-X Design, Australia's premiere custom exhibition stand designer and producer, will be presenting an impressive range of displays at Events Uncovered in Sydney.

Taking place on July 7, 2015, the show will be held in The Argyle, a modern bar with a beautiful sandstone facade and courtyard. Events Uncovered will bring together hundreds of event leaders, with the best of the best in the industry showcasing their most innovative ideas and creative inspirations.

For its part, Proj-X will set up two major displays: A booth in the upstairs exhibition hall and a shipping container showroom in the courtyard space.

At its exhibition stand, viewers will be able to peruse a portfolio of the company's most stunning designs and projects. In addition to taking advantage of the comfortable lounge space, guests can also enjoy a first-hand experience with some of the 3-D technology Proj-X uses to make its blueprints come to life.

Out in the courtyard, the mobile showroom will be a centrepiece in its own right. To transform the shipping container into an impressive display, Proj-X will fit it out with some of the eye-catching branding options it offers clients to make the space their own. From lighting to technology, these showrooms have just the right mix of functionality, beauty and convenience.

To drive home the sensory-rich, inspirational experience the Events Uncovered show intends to provide, Proj-X has arranged a special demonstration. Graffiti artist The Massive, also known as R-J, will be creating a piece of art in real time, decorating the back of the shipping container with a one-of-a kind display. This unique art installation will occur in the courtyard during the cocktail event from 6 to 8 p.m.

Visitors can watch the master at his craft, transforming the blank canvas into a piece of art that captures the essence of Proj-X Design. The Massive is an edgy, courageous and witty artist, fully leveraging his skills to unleash shapes and colours on a wide array of backdrops.

R-J has created public murals and  participated in prestigious art shows, so his work for Proj-X at Events Uncovered will surely be an occasion to remember.

Source: Proj-X Design