Reed Exhibitions publishes framework for reopening events

By Reed Exhibitions, 29 June, 2020

Reed Exhibitions has developed a robust framework of measures to support the health and safety of all our customers, partners and employees as our events reopen for business.

Called Reed Exhibitions’ Events in the New Normal, the 5-Point Plan outlines the precautions and preventative measures for organized industry gatherings that will emerge in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The five key areas are:

  • Collaboration and Engagement with the relevant authorities across the globe (including WHO), eminent subject-matter experts, associations and partners to reach a collective agreement on a core set of health and safety guidelines that Reed Exhibitions will adopt and implement.
  • Risk Management to ensure our precautionary and preventative measures meet all expectations, are proportionate to Covid-19 risks, and remain fit-for-purpose
  • (Early) Planning in collaboration with venues, partners and local authorities to deliver safe and secure events, while remaining alert to the latest risks at any given point in time. This will allow us the flexibility to ramp our response up or down as local circumstances dictate
  • Communications across multiple channels in the run up to, and during our events, to build confidence and allay anxieties and concerns for all attendees
  • Precautionary Measures, Controls and Countermeasures – from physical distancing, enhanced hygiene controls and the use of PPE, to the use of innovative and technical solutions to maintain the attendee experience while combatting and managing the disruptive effects of Covid-19.

In this difficult and uncertain time, the health and safety of our colleagues, exhibitors, visitors and fans is of paramount importance to Reed Exhibitions” says Nathalie Haxby, Global Head of Communications, Reed Exhibitions.

Trade exhibitions are a far cry from ‘mass gathering’ events. They are well ordered market places for conducting business and commerce where we are able to affect conditions, settings and situations. The same is said for organised business to consumer (B2C) events. While there will be certain differences to manage, we are again able to affect the exhibition space.”

“We believe when we next meet in organized industry gatherings, having a consistent and coherent programme of enhanced measures will provide the assurance and confidence that our shows and events have health and safety as our number one priority.

Reed Exhibitions’ events in the new normal is available for all customers, partners and stakeholders to view on the Reed Exhibitions website.

Source: Reed Exhibitions