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Kai Hattendorf, CEO, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)

A career for life 2019

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EEAA celebrates 25 years of service - A look at the past, present and future

EEAA celebrates 25 years of service

A 'State of the Industry' address by Kai Hattendorf, CEO, UFI

One minute with Kai Hattendorf, CEO, UFI on the state of the global exhibition industry

EEAA 2017 Leaders Forum Highlights on Global Exhibitions Day #GED17

#GED17: get involved!

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EEAA in conversation with Steve Monnington & Paul Bloxham

Steve Monnington: A global perspective on growth

Steve Monnington, Mayfield Media Strategies

EEAA 2016 Conference and Awards highlights

EEAA Leaders Forum 2016 Highlights

The Power of Exhibitions as a marketing channel