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By Ungerboeck Software International, 5 February, 2014

The Ungerboeck Event Showcase is an interactive event guide that provides a unified experience across all devices – PC, tablet or smartphone. Built in HTML5, it uses responsive design technology and features enhanced functionality, including predictive matchmaking, interactive floor plans, and sponsorship and advertising sales. This tool allows organizers to handle all of a show’s content in a single system. Exhibitors, floor plans, agendas, documents and social media feeds are all accessible to attendees, presenters, exhibitors, and more, across all platforms. Show organizers can make updates and blast out announcements on their own. Analysis tools within the app provide data to sales teams for upsell opportunities. Exhibitors can display products and services, market to attendees, upload videos and documents, and interact through social media. Before a show, attendees can access Event Showcase on their computers to view exhibitor content, choose sessions, set appointments, plan their agenda, review documents, and participate in social media activity. Later, they can log in to the Event Showcase on their tablet and have all the information they input earlier available to them without having to learn a new user interface. In addition, attendees receive instant updates across all devices.

The Event Showcase will be released to the general public in Q1 2014 and over the course of 2014 will have several new releases that will include advanced attendee—to-attendee matchmaking and appointment setting tools as well as the ability to upload the Event Showcase into the Android, iOS and Windows App markets. Also worth noting, while the Event Showcase was originally intended to be embedded into a broader event website and not replace a full blown event websites with many, many pages of event content; USI is finding that for some smaller events and conferences that do not require many, many pages of event content, the Ungerboeck Event Showcase is also a suitable tool for the “event website.”



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