Sydney School for Entrepreneurship Turns 1 – A Timeline Mural Story…

By The Visual Storytellers, 22 August, 2018

The Visual Storytellers had the privilege and honour of bringing to life the joy, excitement and achievements of the Sydney School for Entrepreneurship first year for the birthday celebrations.

We created a whiteboard mural showing all the events, activities and achievements of the first year in a fun and creative style exemplifying the schools culture and character. This was time lapsed photographed and used to publicise the achievement. The wall graphic was coloured digitally and reproduced in order to become a powerful experience for event attendees where they could explore the first year and find themselves in it. Adding their name tag to the wall at the date where they became part of SSE’s world.

Murals like this can be created before, during or after events to bring to life otherwise boring content into an experience of exploration and engagement. Bringing your participants into your world in a way that is enjoyable and fun for them while giving you valuable content for your marketing team.

Learn more and see the time lapse video and images from the night in our blog post.

Source: The Visual Storytellers