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Expo jargon


The form you need to complete to apply for an exhibition stand. Once accepted by the organiser the application normally becomes your contract.


An American term for an exhibition stand. Often refers to a 3m x 3m stand with basic walls and flooring.


A form of exhibition walling made up of wood panels covered in velcro-compatible fabric. Has the advantage of providing a flat and durable surface

Darling Harbour

Generally refers to International Convention Centre Sydney, which is located in the Darling Harbour precinct, a short walk from the city centre


The layout of an exhibition or event showing all the stands and major venue features


An Australian designed modular construction system for exhibition stands. Comprises square poles, flat panels and other accessories for flexible yet affordable stand design.

Loading dock

The area normally located at the back of the venue where goods may be unloaded and brought into the venue. Normally there is a wait during peak times. Forklift services or trolley hire may be available for a small charge. Check with the organiser.


Most organisers issue an Exhibitor Manual to each exhibitor once they have contracted to an event. The manual will generally include an information section, checklists, order forms and catalogues for additional services


An internationally recognised modular construction system for exhibition stands. Comprises eight sided poles, flat panels and other accessories for flexible yet affordable stand design.


A company who puts events together. Some organisers own the events they run while others organise events on behalf of industry associations.

Pipe and drape

An American system that provides basic fabric walls between stands. Generally not used in Australia.


Service ducts located in the floor of an exhibition venue. Most would have power and telephone connections. Some have water, waste, compressed air or gas.


The process of collecting visitor details before they enter the show. Common at trade shows but not public exhibitions


The process of hanging lights or banners from the ceiling of a venue. Generally allowed above your own stand at an additional cost.

Shell scheme

Exhibition space supplied with a basic stand. Often includes carpet, walls, lighting and a name board. Sometimes includes a PowerPoint but not always.

Space only

Exhibition stand supplied as bare floor-space. You will need to build your own stand.


A company who provides services to the exhibition industry. For example furniture, stand design, rigging, transport or signage.


Refers to a machine which scans visitor name-badges and prints to an address label or floppy disk. Normally available for hire at larger trade shows.


The building where events are staged

Withdrawal fee

A fee agreed to by the exhibitor when they apply for space that will be paid if they subsequently withdraw from that exhibition. Generally it represents a percentage of the stand cost which increases as the show becomes closer.