By DisplayWise Design & Production Pty Ltd, 26 June, 2018

The Exhibition Industry is growing at a steadily increasing rate. We all know that Exhibitions and Tradeshows are a great opportunity for a brand to showcase their products and services and communicate their key message.

It is a platform for face to face interactions and encourages utmost consumer engagement. This is why it is extremely important for companies to focus on their design to cleverly add elements that reflect their brand and highlight their key message. It is for these reasons that exhibitions must play a predominant role in a marketing budget.

Paul Nicolaou, Director, Business Leaders Council, The Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, who recently attended the EEAA’s Leaders Forum and Global Exhibitions Day Dinner stated that “the total direct expenditure from exhibitions and events is approximately $3.1 billion, contributing a direct value add to the Australian economy of $1.5 billion and generating over 21,000 jobs”.

The growth in our industry has been readily apparent at DisplayWise. Over the past 12 months we have doubled our forecasted positions on offer, doubled the size of our facilities in Melbourne and have relocated our head office in Sydney to new premises with over 4,000 sqm available for us to work in. The growth within our industry reinforces the strong medium of “face to face” marketing that consumers can have with our customers products or services.

Last week Scott Morrison MP visited our Sydney office and we discussed the growth of DisplayWise and our industry. It is wonderful to see senior politicians being so supportive in our sector.

When talking to Scott I commented that “The exhibition world is really growing and we are looking forward to being a part of that growth.” I truly believe this to be the case and I’m proud to be part of an industry that is of such value to the economy, employment growth, innovation, trade & investment.

The exhibition industry and its increased value profile is being recognised on an international scale by the various corporate marketing channels, and it is important to remain innovative and relevant in those markets. Innovative exhibition designs, engaging experiential campaigns and high-quality outcomes are providing a new level of customer engagement that is attracting the big end of town.

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Source: DisplayWise