The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia powers their digital transformation journey with the Ungerboeck Cloud

By Ungerboeck, 17 January, 2020

A few months after being named the world’s most visited contemporary art museum by The Art Newspaper, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) decided to move their entire event and venue management system to a cloud-based platform, improving their overall operational efficiency to better meet the expectations of their 1.1 million annual visitors.

Australia’s leading museum for the arts have been using Ungerboeck Software across their entire organisation for the past 4 years, powering over 16,200 exhibitions and events throughout their 5 venues.

Being a leader in their industry, MCA wanted to adopt the cloud as part of their digital transformation journey to embrace current technology trends and provide enhanced user experience across the organisation.

One of MCA’s key business objectives was to move to a cloud environment rapidly. Due to the broad nature of their existing system application mapping, a traditional migration to the cloud would have taken 6 to 12 months to complete. Ungerboeck and MCA opted to migrate to the Ungerboeck “legacy cloud” first, providing a dedicated transitional environment while integrations are optimised in preparation for a standard cloud service.

To prepare for the migration and test the 30 integrations used by the organisation, Ungerboeck and MCA worked hand in hand, bringing together adequately skilled resources to successfully lead the project.

After only 8 weeks working on a test environment, the migration was seamlessly completed overnight to the Ungerboeck Cloud environment. MCA now have direct access to their database and are benefitting from the many Ungerboeck innovations available in the cloud. All integrations are connected to the cloud, including online portals and web forms.

With the ability to access the latest cloud version, the 137 staff are enjoying superior user experience and performance, as they become familiar with the new interface.

“The Ungerboeck team was amazing during the whole project, collaborating with the MCA team to help meet our requirements and deliver a successful project. Our user experience has already been significantly improved since our transition to the Ungerboeck Cloud”, explains Mike Heness, IT Project Manager at MCA.

Kushwant Singh, Manager of Client Services at Ungerboeck adds “This is a great milestone both for MCA and Ungerboeck and we are proud of this successful and swift migration to the legacy cloud. MCA can enjoy all the benefits of the cloud while we are helping them get ready
for their final transition in the coming months.”

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MCA photography by Brett Boardman.

Source: Ungerboeck