The Star and Echo Entertainment recycle their way to success

By The Star Sydney, 8 August, 2014

Echo Entertainment became the first major entertainment group in Australia to commit to CitySwitch in March 2014. CitySwitch is a platform created to foster partnerships between businesses, state and local governments nation-wide, to support companies to improve their office energy efficiency rating through a number of different initiatives.   


Echo Entertainment Group’s flagship Sydney property, The Star, has demonstrated a continued outstanding commitment to decreasing their environmental footprint and improving their sustainability ratings, with the whole team working to reach ever increasing targets for their commitment to energy and waste reduction.


The Star generates approximately 4,000 tonnes of waste per year across the dining, nightlife, hotels and gaming operational activity. Over the last twelve months The Star has proudly achieved a recycling rate of approximately 70 tonnes of food waste per month, improving recycle rates by 28% over the last financial year.


As a sign of their commitment to CitySwitch, The Star has set a competitive recycling target to reach a 50% diversion target by December 2014. As of June 2014, the entertainment destination which caters for 4,500 employees and more than 20,000 visitors midweek and 30,000 on weekends, successfully reached a rate of 38% in June 2014, up from 8% in August 2013.


On a global scale, The Star’s recycling achievements rank well above some of the highest performers in the entertainment industry with major American corporation Caesar’s Entertainment based in Las Vegas, reporting a diversion rate of 24% for the 2013 calendar year.


The property can attribute their successful recycling strategy and diversion rates to a comprehensive internal implementation program that has been shared and embraced by the entire team. The program is responsible for the roll out of effective waste reduction tactics including colour coded bin systems and signage, training for stewards, kitchen and bar team members on the correct ways to recycle and inducting all new employees into Echo’s Eco Friendly environment and sustainability program.


David Sheehy, Procurement Manager at Echo Entertainment Group is proud of the success the property has achieved and the enthusiasm of the wider organisation for jumping on board and committing to limiting The Star’s environmental footprint.


“It has been fantastic to see The Star set and work towards such ambitious diversion targets. The entire team has committed to the initiative and have actively recycled and reduced waste in their day to day. It has been great to see our team members throw their support behind our sustainability efforts.”


The Star alongside the wider Echo Entertainment family continues to commit to improving their sustainability and environmental ratings and to reach an honoured 50% wastage diversion rate by December 2014.

Source: Zadro Communications for The Star