By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia , 8 December, 2017

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) is pleased to announce that Tourism Australia will continue to be a key partner in the Association’s efforts to support and develop the future leaders of the industry.

Tourism Australia became a Platinum Partner of the EEAA Young Stars Program in 2016 and has confirmed that it will remain the program’s primary champion for another year.

EEAA Chief Executive, Joyce DiMascio, said Tourism Australia had been a valuable partner of the program and EEAA welcomed the strategic partnership to support young talent within the sector.

“The Young Stars Program plays an important role in our work to safeguard the future of our sector by ensuring our talented young people are supported in their career development,” Ms DiMascio said.

“Over the past year, Tourism Australia has been an active and valuable champion of the program and we are pleased to have them on board for another year.”

Tourism Australia Executive General Manager of Events, Penny Lion, said she was excited to be part of a program that was helping to nurture young talent in meaningful ways.

“The partnership between EEAA and Tourism Australia is incredibly important. The future of our industry is all to do with the people who work within it, they are going to be the future leaders,” Ms Lion said.

“It’s not just identifying young stars within this industry, but actually giving them time with the ‘old stars’ of the industry. There are people who have been a part of the industry for a long time that want to give back.

“Through the fabulous mentoring opportunities and the whole event program, the Association is providing a valuable opportunity for the two sides to connect, and for young people in our industry to realise the benefits of a fulfilling career within it.

“I congratulate the Association for its work in helping to nurture and support young talent in our industry and look forward working alongside them to continue developing our future leaders.”

The EEAA Young Stars Program gives the Association’s youngest members a platform to share their views, ideas and experiences, as well as to have a bigger voice in the work of the Association. Launched in 2012, the program offers a tier of activities tailored specifically to engage under 35-year-olds within the Association’s membership with the aim of building a strong community, ensuring the sustainability of the Association, as well as for nurturing young talent in the world of exhibitions and events.

Whether you’re an employer or a budding young star, find out more about how our Young Stars Program could benefit you.

Source: Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia