UFI, Explori present Global Exhibitor Insights Study

By Industry and Stakeholder News, 6 November, 2017

UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry has partnered with event research specialists Explori to release a thought-provoking report that focuses on exhibiting companies around the globe, one year after releasing a similar report on visitors. This report was jointly researched and written and is supported by SISO; The Society of Independent Show Organizers (USA).

The comprehensive analysis has been complied using survey data collected from visitors and exhibitors via Explori’s dedicated research platform. In total, 1040 trade shows from over 40 countries have conducted post-show research through Explori. The findings also derive from in-depth interviews conducted with 57 trade show directors from 17 different countries.

The report delivers key findings related to exhibitors’ behaviour, their levels of loyalty to and advocacy of the industry, their needs and, the extent to which these needs are being met by the industry:
– Exhibitor advocacy is low across the globe: only 25% of shows have a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS). Globally, exhibitors rate the exhibitions they attend with a negative average NPS of -17.
– More than one-third of global exhibitors declare low levels of satisfaction with exhibitions they book, but show a high level of loyalty towards the respective show. This group of exhibitors is understood to be open to defecting to competing channels.
– Shows with high exhibitor NPS are more likely to experience growth: 71% of shows with positive NPS are experiencing growth in exhibitor numbers whereas only 32% of shows with negative exhibitor NPS do. In addition, more than twice as many high NPS shows are experiencing notable revenue growth when compared to low NPS shows.
– Exhibitions that offered exhibitor training to all, or most, saw a 23 point boost in NPS vs shows that did not provide this service. This suggests that educational offers for exhibitors are a promising reaction to poor NPS scores.
– And a proper newness strategy also boosts exhibitor satisfaction: shows that actively promote newness have notably higher exhibitor satisfaction score than shows that do not: 3.71 vs 3.35 (out of 5).

Kai Hattendorf, UFI Managing Director said: “After last year’s report focusing on visitors’ satisfaction, this new report provides insights into the thinking of the exhibiting companies. This time again, results show a considerable area for improvement in most cases. The report also identifies a significant proportion of shows with positive NPS scores and highlights successful strategies. We hope that this research helps our industry to develop its credentials in order to strengthen its unique position in the marketing mix of a wide variety of companies.”

Mark Brewster, Explori CEO, declared: “This project has been eye-opening. I would encourage all organisers to read the report and to consider how they would act on it. This research highlights the behaviours that make the biggest difference in creating advocacy amongst exhibitors and shows just how important advocacy is as a growth factor.”

A summary of the research is available free of charge at www.ufi.org/research. The full report is available to UFI members in the UFI Members’ area of the ufi.org website.

Source: Industry and Stakeholder News