Ungerboeck Renews Support for UFI-VMA Venue Management School (China)

By Ungerboeck Software International, 5 November, 2018


Ungerboeck has extended its partnership with UFI and the Venue Management Association (VMA) to, once again, support the leading industry associations’ popular UFI-VMA Venue Management School (China). The tailored Mandarin-language course, which will be held in Shanghai from 18th until 21st November, addresses demand among UFI members in China for education programmes to support the growth and development of the industry. The programme provides students with a unique opportunity to learn from top industry experts, as well as build connections and share experiences with peers.

Pictured (L-R): Suzie Crawford, VMA; Alan Wong, Ungerboeck; Yun Zhao, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai); Nancy Wang, Shenyang New World Expo; Zhifeng Yue, Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre; and Kai Hattendorf, UFI.

Announcing the technology company’s renewed commitment to the initiative, Fred Lazzerini, Ungerboeck’s Managing Director for Asia-Pacific, explained “We feel strongly about promoting excellence in venue management throughout China, so this is a natural extension of our long-standing partnerships with both UFI and the VMA.
“The inaugural VMS China delivered a well-coordinated curriculum that provided immeasurable value to participants, and we are excited to be a part of an even better programme this year.” Lazzerini added.

Kai Hattendorf, UFI Managing Director/CEO, responded to Ungerboeck’s announcement, commenting “Learning and professional development underpin industry success, and the VMS China is a key initiative which supports education and development in North-Asia.

“We are grateful for Ungerboeck’s continued support with the VMS China, as it is an investment in the future leaders of the industry.” Hattendorf added.


UFI joined forces with the Venue Management Association (VMA) in Australia to develop this innovative training programme, which is tailored to the specific requirements of venue managers in China.

The VMS China was developed as an initiative to provide a tailored curriculum to help support the development of the Chinese exhibition industry and continuously raise the overall standard of venue operations.

The Mandarin-language programme, which is aimed at mid to senior-level venue managers, will take place at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre (SNIEC) from 19-21 November 2018. It will provide participants with an outstanding learning environment and invaluable networking opportunities. Delivered over three days, the course covers a range of informative modules, a final exam, and a graduation ceremony.

For more information, visit UFI’s Education page


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Source: Ungerboeck Software International