Venues Summit: Planning for the New Event World

By Ungerboeck, 27 May, 2020

As venues are looking beyond the crisis and starting to plan for their reopening, venue leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region will gather together on Thursday 4th June, 11.00am AEST to share ideas and strategies for a successful recovery.

From risk management, to health and safety, social distancing, and travel restrictions, venues are facing several new challenges that prompt them to rethink their internal processes. The panellists will discuss a series of initiatives implemented by their organisation, combining local partnerships, technology, and new potential areas of revenue while working within important government regulations and ensuring the safety of their patrons for the return of live in-person events.

The panel will welcome Glen Hirst from Arts Centre Melbourne, Lara Burnes from Melbourne and Olympic Parks, Mike Stephenson from Optus Stadium, and Rizwan Hazarika from SingEx.

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Venues Summit Panellists



Source: Ungerboeck