"Promoting the value of exhibitions as both a powerful marketing channel and driver of the economy."

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The Power of Exhibitions

What is the ‘Power of Exhibitions’?

The Power of Exhibitions is an advocacy campaign that was developed by the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) to communicate and promote value of exhibitions as both a powerful marketing and engagement channel and driver of the economy. Launched in August 2013 by then Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner, the campaign has achieved considerable results, including giving the sector a voice in national circles of influence and a seat at the table in policy-making decisions.

Through this campaign, we have achieved high levels of engagement and support from our members, stakeholders, industry partners, government and media and will continue to drive this advocacy agenda via the well-established framework we have developed over the past three years.

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an important driver of the economy

a powerful marketing channel

Global Exhibitions Day

What is Global Exhibitions Day?

Global Exhibitions Day (GED) is a worldwide movement in support of the Power of Exhibitions. Inaugurated in 2016, GED is not one event, but a series of events, activities, and personal contributions from all over the world that together give the global industry a united and cohesive voice to promote and celebrate the contribution of exhibitions to diverse sectors of the economy, business growth and national prosperity, and their power as a highly effective face-to-face marketing medium.

Key messages:
  • Exhibitions are a large global industry
  • Exhibitions are an effective and sustainable way of doing business
  • Exhibitions can contribute to a sustainable world
  • The exhibition industry offers a variety of job opportunities

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A career for life

What is ‘A career for life’?

Imagine being part of a team that organises events for 300, 3,000 or even 30,000 people… or creating something that doesn’t yet exist… or turning your hobby into a successful career. It takes all types of people, with all kinds of skills, to create an event.

‘A career for life’ is a campaign developed by the Association to promote the vast and exciting opportunities and career pathways available in the exhibition and event industry. There is a career for everyone in the exhibition and event industry – A career for life!

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