A career for life

Imagine being part of a team that organises events for 300, 3,000 or even 30,000 people… or creating something that doesn’t yet exist… or turning your hobby into a successful career.

It takes all types of people, with all kinds of skills, to create an event.

There’s the event planner or organiser who oversees the overall planning and delivery of the event, the marketers who promote the event, the experiential creatives, the tech and AV specialists who produce the show, the tradespeople who build the physical spaces, the safety and security crew who keep us safe onsite, and there are teams who work behind the scenes in accounting and finance, HR and administration.

2019 ‘A career for life’ video.

There is a career for everyone in the exhibition and event industry – A career for life!

There are many pathways to help make that first step easy.

Formal qualifications through university in any discipline will open the doors to a world of opportunity in the sector. Some of the professions in demand include:

  • Marketing and communications
  • Accounting and finance
  • Business
  • IT and Engineering

There are specialised TAFE courses in event management that will give you a broad introduction to career opportunities and entry level qualifications into the sector. Other courses also provide relevant skills for the sector. Some of the careers available through TAFE education include:

  • Event operations and planning
  • Graphic design and creative production
  • IT – event technology, programming, business and information systems, data analyst
  • Administration

Check out Smart and Skilled or contact your local TAFE for more information on courses offered through the TAFE system. You can also go to My Skills for information about VET courses around the country.

Traineeships and trade apprenticeships provide hands-on training and skills development in a range of career opportunities relevant to exhibitions and events. They include:

  • Event staging and AV – lighting technicians
  • Hospitality – restaurant managers, chefs
  • Trades – carpentry, electricians, construction
  • Transport and logistics

Contact Apprenticeship Support Australia to find out more about traineeships for school leavers in event management, and staging and technical services, as well as the many other apprenticeships that can offer a pathway into the sector. We also provide more information about exhibition and event industry traineeships here.

Volunteer programs will get you a foot in the door and the opportunity to gain on-the-job skills in any area that interest you. Some of these might include:

  • Sales and business development
  • Customer service
  • Administration and event support
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If you’re still unsure what to do next, get in touch with us at the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia and we’ll help get you on a track to a fulfilling and lifelong career in exhibitions and events.

By working in this sector, you are making a valuable contribution to our diverse culture, to our strong economy, to trade and investment, and to our tourism industry. From boating shows to medical conferences, eSport and video gaming expos to aviation industry forums, sporting events and festivals, business and consumer events are a big part of our professional and personal lives.

Business and consumer events play a pivotal role in driving Australia’s economy.

Events are powerful marketplaces for doing business and pursuing special interests. Each year, exciting new showcases are being created in emerging industries, such as space and satellite technology, drones and cybersecurity, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, health and medical devices.

In 2016, EY estimated the industry contributed just over $30b in direct expenditure, $13b in direct value add and nearly 200,000 jobs to the Australian economy. Globally, the exhibition sector has created over 680,000 jobs and attracts over 260 million visitors to its 31,000 trade and consumer shows.

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2018 ‘A career for life’ video.