10 people, 10 different careers

We asked 10 young people who have found a home in the exhibition and event industry to tell us about their career and what makes the industry so appealing. Through their eyes you can see why many who enter the industry never leave. It’s a global industry that can take you all around the world, while small enough that you feel part of our family and team.

Libbie Ray

General Manager/Co-owner, AV 24/7

“I don’t think that I would be able to find the same passion in any other space. You can create the uncreated, conceptualise things and see them come to life. It’s such an exciting industry to be in. It’s definitely something that has captured my heart.”

Stewart Buchanan

Managing Director, Clever Event Technology

“It’s been a really enjoyable journey. I love the industry, I always have. I wanted something that had variety, so I wouldn’t get bored. I didn’t really enter the industry expecting to be running a ticketing company in 10 years.”

Nick Vanzetti

Managing Director, ESL Australia

“It was my love for the gaming industry that drew me to events because of the need and desire to create something for an audience. Being able to reflect on where we’ve come from and where our passion project of eSports has really come from in the last 10 years… is really rewarding.”

Guy Blomberg

Global Gaming Content Director, ReedPOP

“I love the fact my parents would tell me to stop playing so many video games to now where I can comfortably say ‘well that’s actually led to my successful career’.”

Christine Kotsis

Business Development Manager, ExpoNet

“Things change from one day to the next. One day I could be in the office submitting proposals, the next day, I might be entertaining clients, and the next day, travelling internationally for an event. It’s impossible to get bored of this role.”

Craig Mather

Onboarding Specialist, Ungerboeck International

“If you look at exhibitions, there’s so many moving parts and so many ways that you can help to digitise those moving parts. There will be a never-ending amount of opportunity there. I don’t think you ever get bored. There’s always something cool to do.”

Stephanie Bleakley

Marketing Manager, Diversified Communications

“We’ve brought people together, and we’ve given them the opportunity to do business, and I think that’s really powerful.”

Dean Forrester

Head of Innovation and Technology, Asia Pacific, Informa Australia

“It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s fast paced, it’s always changing and it’s topical. I think if you enjoy always being on trend and changing with the world, then events is where you want to be.”

Millie Heslop

Operations Manager, Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

“My role includes a great deal of variety and a lot of challenges. No two days are ever the same and every event that I work on is different because I’m working in a new country with different people and diverse cultures.”

Brittany Monaghan

Event Planner, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

“I’ve always had a passion for events. It encompasses all the things I enjoy doing – multiple deadlines, multitasking, quick decision-making, and dealing with clients. It is a job where no day is ever the same and doesn’t involve sitting behind a computer all day.”

This could be you!

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