Brittany Monaghan

Event Planner, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Brittany always knew she wanted to be an event planner. After years of hard work, she is now able to say that she’s achieved exactly what she set out to do.

After high school, I took on a temporary role as a receptionist supporting the events department and then progressed to an administration assistant role within the events team. These roles gave me a broad understanding for how events came together. Event management became my career goal from that point.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into making an event happen, it doesn’t just come together overnight. There’s a lot of planning, there’s the customer experience to consider and there’s a high level of attention to detail. You constantly have to be thinking ahead and considering the how the event will meet its objectives.

These days, a lot of people are trying to think more and more outside of the box, throwing out the traditional style of event and thinking more creatively around how the event can come together. That excites me. It’s being able to go, “How’s this logistically going to work and play out for the event, and what are the guests’ experiences going to be like?”

One day you’ll be dealing with a conference, the next day you might be planning a concert or gala dinner, and then the next day you might be doing a large exhibition that brings people from all over the world together.

It’s nice to reflect on my career over the past 10 years and to be able to say that I’ve achieved so much and there are still so many opportunities and experiences to be had. That’s the joy of working within the events industry; you’re constantly challenged.

I don’t see myself leaving the industry any time soon. The industry will continue to grow and the traditional notion of ‘meetings and events’ are going to continue to evolve.

Brittany’s advice for anyone interested in a career in exhibitions and events:

If you like project management, customer service and being able to work with different clients, then the event industry is certainly something for you to consider. Wherever there’s an opportunity, take it. And, if you show that you’ve got a can-do attitude, are passionate, and that you have a drive to succeed, your manager will see your potential and support you with your goals.


“I’ve always had a passion for events. It encompasses all the things I enjoy doing – multiple deadlines, multitasking, quick decision-making, and dealing with clients. It is a job where no day is ever the same and doesn’t involve sitting behind a computer all day.”