Craig Mather

Onboarding Specialist, Ungerboeck International

Pursuing an early interest in information technology and with the hope of becoming a network administrator, Craig thought he had his career all mapped out. After competing general IT studies, he started out in pharmaceutical data. However, after following a friend into the exhibition and event industry, his eyes were opened to a world of opportunity he’d never expected. He’s now on a career path to becoming a solutions architect for his current company.

I started off doing a Certificate III in Information Technology – just general IT studies. I then started to focus a little bit more on networking, computer networking, and infrastructure. When I joined Ungerboeck, I took a side swing and went into customer service instead of following that path, obviously with hopes and dreams of moving up into a network administrator role at a company at some stage. Never quite happened, I suppose. I’m not upset about it. I’ve had the opportunity to do quite a few things with my time.

I think that I can help the industry innovate a lot more. This role gives me the opportunity to come up with ideas for software coming out of Ungerboeck to help our customers achieve what they need to do a lot more efficiently.

You can’t just think of it as, ‘this is an event, or this is an exhibition’. You have to think about all of the pieces that make that work. There’s so many different suppliers and the venues need to do so many different things. They need to organise things and they need people to do that, and the technology to make everything fit together. From our perspective, there’s plenty, plenty to do.

Craig’s advice for anyone interested in a career in exhibitions and events:

Just get into it. I don’t think any other industry would be so diverse, with so much variety. A lot of the time, you’ll come into a company and you’ll be working on a particular product. You never really get the broad spectrum of what you’re doing, but I find in this industry, you get to see the inner workings of absolutely everything, no matter where you’re joining from. If you see a particular area that you want to move into, go for it. It will pay off. You can almost guarantee it.


“If you look at exhibitions, there’s so many moving parts and so many ways that you can help to digitise those moving parts. There will be a never-ending amount of opportunity there. I don’t think you ever get bored. There’s always something cool to do.”