Guy Blomberg

Global Gaming Content Director, ReedPOP

Guy may be the envy of every video gaming enthusiast. He turned his passion for playing video games into a successful career that sees him managing the content for some of the most exciting and popular gaming shows – all over the world. Guy explains how everything he did in pursuit of his passion, gave him all the skills he needed to succeed in his career.

I had a very passionate love of video games and computer games. I started off as a graphic web designer and on the side started a gaming website. It became exceptionally popular and well-read within Australia. Through that website I started running events, small gatherings for the community, hiring out venues or pubs or clubs to bring the community together. I worked for a game development company, created a gaming TV show, and helped to found a B2B gaming publication. Then I was approached by the head of ReedPOP in the US to be involved in the expansion to Australia of PAX, the largest gaming show in North America.

After many years of growing PAX Australia along with a fantastic local team, I took a global role to oversee the gaming shows that ReedPOP run globally.

It’s amazing. I get to travel the world, meet with and work with all these different teams of passionate people. The event industry is always changing. Everyone that comes to an event expects something new and different and bigger and better each year.

Combine that with the video game, computer game and tabletop gaming industry, an industry that is constantly changing – an event from five years ago is so different to that same event today. At this point I have no interest in leaving this industry. It’s way too much fun.

Guy’s advice for anyone interested in a career in exhibitions and events:

The events industry is one of the most exciting and dynamic industries that are available to anyone that has the passion and the drive to get involved. Working with amazing people at the top of their game is an absolute privilege. Get hands-on experience at as many events as possible. Events have volunteer programs, intern programs, and they need help on-site. If you’re successful in a specific area, then the opportunities to get involved and grow globally are almost infinite.


“I love the fact my parents would tell me to stop playing so many video games. Now I can say ‘well that’s actually led to my successful career’.”