Libbie Ray

General Manager/Co-owner, AV 24/7

From qualified chef to sales to television producer (and a few others in between), Libbie tried many different jobs before finding a permanent home in the exhibition and event industry. She explains that working in television production gave her a taste for technology and changed the way she looked at it. She followed this interest, which ultimately led her to a career in AV.

I always had the impression that AV was a purely technical, IT-style industry and a male-dominated industry. But it is not like that at all. As I worked in the industry more, the passion really came from the fact that it’s so much more than what you would really, from an outsider’s perspective, would think it is. It’s so creative. Not just technical. It’s so beautiful. It is a lot more female-friendly than I would have ever thought, as well.

You’re producing the technology side, which is specialised, but it’s really part of the whole journey. Working in exhibitions, we work with our clients to understand what outcome they are trying to achieve and what they are trying to communicate to their clients. Then we work back from there, working out how can we can use technology to engage, excite and teach people.

We’re constantly evolving and changing, reaching new heights. We create 20 to 30 events a week, so every week there’s a new highlight. There’s a new thing to be excited about and a new way to push boundaries.

Being able to work with clients that respect what you do and completely blow them out of the water and give them more than what they’ve ever thought that they could achieve – that’s a really great part of our job.

Libbie’s advice for anyone interested in a career in exhibitions and events:

If you’re looking for a career, something that will constantly challenge you, something that you can shape and be part of for future generations, and be rewarded for your great work, then you should absolutely give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed. You won’t be bored. It is a very challenging industry, but with great challenges comes great rewards, and it’s certainly an opportunity for everyone to have a great working life and feel valued.

“I don’t think that I would be able to find the same passion in any other space. You can create the uncreated, conceptualise things and see them come to life. It’s such an exciting industry to be in. It’s definitely something that has captured my heart.”