Georgie Chapman-Burgess

NAME: Georgie Chapman-Burgess
AGE: 26
ROLE: Operations Manager
COMPANY: Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Georgie Chapman-Burgess is proof there are many roads to success. The necessary ingredients are hard-work and a willingness to seize every opportunity.

Like her career, Georgie’s upbringing had an unconventional beginning. Georgie is a quintuplet and grew up with four brothers and sisters in a small town called Glen Innes in New South Wales.

“I thought it was normal growing up with four siblings the same age as me. But I look back at it now, it was crazy.” She laughs.

Raised by her Indigenous mother and Anglo father, Georgie was competitive with her siblings but had strong role models in her parents.

Although Georgie’s mother did not complete high school, she showed her children the value of education, completing a Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in Aboriginal studies while working full-time and raising five children.

“Mum was always studying – so when it came to our education, we didn’t question it. This is what she did and it showed us the importance of education.” Georgie says.

After watching her mother balance work and studies, Georgie was determined to go to university but she did not have the grades. She approached her principal and after an interview, Georgie was one of a handful of students selected for a Principal’s Recommendation.

“When the show opens only you know what it took to overcome the big and small challenges. Seeing the results of your work is incredibly rewarding.”

Despite not having received an ATAR, Georgie’s initiative led her to be accepted into a Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management at Southern Cross University.

Following the completion of her degree, Georgie moved to Newcastle and later Sydney when an opportunity arose with Exhibitions and Trade Fairs (ETF) in Sydney. ETF is an award winning exhibition and conference organiser, delivering successful events for its clients across the globe.

As Operations Manager, Georgie has delivered successful events including Drinks Industry Exhibition 2018, National 4×4 Outdoors Show and Fishing & Boating Expo 2018 in Brisbane and Melbourne.

In 2019, Georgie attended the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry’s (UFI) Asia- Pacific Conference with Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia’s (EEAA) Chief Executive, Joyce DiMascio in Tokyo. She earned this privilege after receiving the inaugural Tourism Australia Scholarship at the EEAA Awards for Excellence last year. Georgie was also the recipient of the 2018 Richard Geddes Young Achiever Award after being nominated by her peers for her work as Operations Manager at ETF.

Georgie is driven by her love of exhibitions, overcoming challenges and the joy of bringing people together.