Global Exhibitions Day


Global Exhibitions Day, launched in 2016, is an initiative of the Global Association for the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE). The campaign has been supported by associations, commercial enterprises, industry groups and individuals around the globe in a united effort to raise awareness of the broad and far-reaching contributions of exhibitions to economic development and their value as a powerful marketing channel.

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) has actively championed the initiative, and will continue to draw support from its community of members, industry stakeholders and government leaders to spearhead Australia’s effort and throw its support behind this annual campaign.

In both 2017 and 2018, The Association’s activities for Global Exhibitions Day were awarded the Industry Impact Award, judged by The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and Exhibition World as having had ‘the most positive impact supporting exhibitions as an industry’.

What we did in 2019

Global Exhibitions Day 2019 (#GED19) took place on 5 June 2019.

In 2019, The Association aligned its Leaders Forum and Conference themes with the #GED19 key messages for the industry, including the importance of the sector to the economy, exhibitions as an effective and sustainable way of doing business and promoting a “A career for life” in business events.

The EEAA held its flagship events to coincide with Global Exhibitions Day:

EEAA 2019 Leaders Forum
Global Exhibitions Day Dinner
EEAA 2019 Conference
Annual General Meeting and Closing Reception
Young Stars Meet-up with Industry Leaders

The Association delivered Phase 2 of its targeted campaign to promote opportunities for careers in the business events and encourage school leavers and early career professionals to choose A career for life in business and consumer events.

‘A career for life’ spotlights 10 people with vastly different careers including a digital engineer, a motion graphic designer and digital specialist and animation producer, a financial director, head of new business and operations managers from EEAA member organisations.

The people profiled in the 2019 campaign are:

  • Supriya Shakya, Head of Digital, Reed Exhibitions Australia
  • Kien Tan, General Manager, The Monkey’s Cobbler
  • Erica Blythe, Director of Finance and Administration, ICC Sydney
  • Laura Huddle, Head of New Business, Asia-Pacific, Eventbrite
  • Georgie Chapman-Burgess, Operations Manager, Exhibition and Trade Fairs
  • Jamal Gittens, Operations Manager, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Jessica McLean, Senior Account Manager, Zadro Agency
  • Luke Edginton, Exhibition Services Manager, Adelaide Convention Centre
  • Lara Burnes, General Manager, Premier Events and Experiences, Melbourne and Olympic Parks
  • Jenna Cali, Operations Manager, Exhibitions and Sponsorship, Informa Australia

Find out more about the 2019 ‘A career for life’ campaign.

The Association launched the next phase of its environmental sustainability initiative at the EEAA 2019 Leaders Forum and Conference.

The Association announced the following:

  • Leighton Wood, Chief Operating Officer, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Chair of the EEAA Sustainability Working Group and EEAA Board member presented a report back on the work completed to date in creating a road map for the industry to follow into the future. Focussing on best practice benchmarking, the sustainability road map will follow principles that include collaboration, cost awareness and education, clarity and measurement.
  • Katy Barfield, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yume Food delivered a thought-provoking presentation on how she became a ‘Food Waste Warrior’ to creating an online surplus food marketplace for businesses in order to combat large scale food waste that plagues the western world.
  • Edge Environment has been appointed to work with the EEAA to develop a sustainability framework for the business events sector.
  • Tourism Australia will extend its partnership with the EEAA and support the EEAA on the Champions of Sustainability program for the year ahead.
  • EEAA embedded sustainability practices in its own event delivery from actions taken in relation to venue choice, marketing of the event, food served and other procurement choices.

Find out more about the Association’s work on its sustainability initiative for #GED19.

Find out more about #GED19

What we DID in 2018

Global Exhibitions Day 2018 (#GED18) took place on 6 June 2018.

In 2018, the campaign added a focus on industry advocacy around skills development and highlighting the career opportunities in the sector to attract young talent. The Association has a long history of both advocating for better skills and training policies and developing initiatives to attract and retain talent to the sector and was pleased to make this a part of its #GED18 promotions.

To signal the importance of #GED18, the Association aligned its most important annual events to the campaign, held over 6-7 June 2018 in Sydney, NSW. This was the first time the Association had brought its two major industry gatherings together – a strategic decision to give greater prominence to the sector.

Our #GED18 events were:

EEAA 2018 Leaders Forum (6 June)
EEAA 2018 Global Exhibitions Day and Leaders Forum Dinner (6 June)
EEAA 2018 Conference (7 June)
EEAA 2018 Annual General Meeting (7 June)

The Association delivered a targeted campaign to maximise government representation at its #GED18 events, sending letters of invitation to federal and state ministers that represent the portfolios most relevant to the core messages of the campaign, and a comprehensive social media campaign.

The Global Exhibitions Day and Leaders Forum Dinner was attended by Australian Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, the Hon. Mark Coulton MP, NSW Minister for Tourism and Major Events, and Assistant Minister for Skills, the Hon. Adam Marshall MP, and ex-NSW Minister and Business Events Sydney Chairman, the Hon. Bruce Baird AM. This is the first time both federal and state ministers have taken part in a EEAA event.

The EEAA also launched a new campaign to promote the diverse and rewarding opportunities for careers in the sector and encourage school leavers and early career professionals to choose A career for life in business and consumer events.

A career for life was presented to the audiences of the EEAA 2018 Leaders Forum and Conference, which included senior government leaders, the Australian Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, the Hon. Mark Coulton MP and NSW Minister for Tourism and Major Events and Assistant Minister for Skills, the Hon. Adam Marshall MP.

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What we DID in 2017

For the second year, the EEAA aligned two of its major member events with #GED – the EEAA 2017 Annual General Meeting and EEAA 2017 Leaders Forum on 7 and 8 June. This year, Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, the Honourable Keith Pitt MP joined the industry at this important event.

Other EEAA activities that supported #GED17 were:
• 7 June – Global Exhibitions Day Reception, with Mr Jonathan O’Dea, NSW Parliamentary Secretary for the Premier and Treasurer.
• 8 June – Mumbrella360 masterclass session, where exhibition industry leaders Reed Exhibitions and Eventbrite will present alongside EEAA to pitch the merits of exhibitions and events to senior-level marketers at Australia’s leading media and marketing conference.


EEAA called on government and industry to show its support for the Power of Exhibitions on Global Exhibitions Day 2017 by joining the conversation on social media.

The EEAA targeted 75 local, state and federal politicians, business leaders and industry stakeholders around the country to put a spotlight on the value of exhibitions and events to broad sectors of Australia’s economy and business life.



By bringing the leaders of our industry together at this time, we honour the importance of this day for our industry and give added power to the effort. Globally, #GED17 has attracted support from at least 64 countries. The hashtag has been used in around 700 posts and has resulted in almost 1.5 million impressions worldwide.



We thank our members for supporting our Global Exhibitions Day events and for joining the global effort. Whether you attended one of our events over the two days (7-8 June), posted on social media or took part in an internally-run activity at work, you have been part of an all-important collective voice celebrating and acknowledging the industry we love.

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What we did in 2016

Across 8 and 9 June 2016, EEAA celebrated GED by holding the Association’s Annual General Meeting of our Member community (8 June) and popular annual summit featuring senior industry leaders and stakeholders (Leaders Forum, 9 June). In addition, the Association worked in collaboration with the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) to host a Global Exhibitions Day Oration, and many EEAA Members spread the GED and Power of Exhibitions messages through their own communications and internal events.

EEAA ran a successful communication and advocacy campaign around GED, engaging the industry, community, and ministerial and business leaders in the movement to raise awareness of the Power of Exhibitions as a marketplace for doing business and a driver of economic development, trade and export, employment, visitation and knowledge sharing. The Association also shared the UFI toolkit with Members and designed a strong suite of marketing assets that tied EEAA’s messages and events into the inaugural GED messaging.

The world launch of GED kicked off with Australia and EEAA was honoured to be part of such an important global movement.

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