"Helping our members to succeed and our community to grow and prosper underpins everything we do."

Our programs

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) delivers a year-round program of services to its members across a range of programs including:

Leadership and professional development

The Association produces events throughout the year that allow members to meet and discuss issues and opportunities impacting the sector. They include flagship annual events like the Conference and Leaders Forum, as well as seminars and workshops.

These member forums support the professional development of our members and build a stronger community in the exhibition and event sector. Attended by prominent business, industry and government leaders, these events provide our members with the opportunity to hear about the latest business trends and opinions, make valuable connections both within and outside the EEAA member community, and are forums for coaching our leaders and building competencies specific to our sector.

Insights from our forums help to set the agenda for the Association and inform the content of future events to ensure we are always giving our members what they need to succeed.


The EEAA is a powerful and influential voice for the business events sector and, in particular, for members of the Association.

Its advocacy work on behalf of the sector promotes the Power of Exhibitions to drive the Australian economy by creating marketplaces were business is done. This message is taken to all levels of government to ensure that the value of the work undertaken by the Association’s members is recognised, valued and supported.

We have a track record of delivering important outcomes through our evidence-based approach to advocacy. As a strong and effective voice for the industry, we actively lobby on the issues that matter most to our members and the sector. Our advocacy agenda, which is highly targeted and designed to influence decision makers, is set around ensuring the industry continues to be represented in government, industry and relevant business forums and maintains its visibility in key circles of influence.

We also collaborate with industry organisations to both leverage their influence and deliver a coordinated and united voice on key issues. The EEAA advocacy program also includes special campaigns that help to position the Power of Exhibitions as compelling marketing channels. These campaigns are designed to ensure that exhibitions and other business events continue to be promoted as effective channels in an increasingly diverse marketing landscape.

Marketing and communications

The EEAA develops and delivers a comprehensive communications and marketing program that:

  • keeps its members fully informed about the industry, developments and opportunities for enhancing their business success
  • profiles and promotes its members
  • raises awareness of the association and its work
  • profiles, promotes and educates about the power of exhibitions as a driver of the economy and an effective marketing channel

Young Members

The EEAA supports and nurtures the growth and development of the industry’s future leaders through its Emerging Leaders Program (formerly Young Stars Program). Through this program, we give our youngest members a platform to share their views, ideas and experiences, access to mentors they can learn from, a community to be part of, and the opportunity to have a bigger voice in the work of the Association. With a tier of activities specially designed and tailored to engage this group of emerging leaders, we help to nurture their professional development, give them a voice on industry issues, support the future of the sector and ensure the sustainability of the Association.


The EEAA conducts research to help benchmark the industry, measure trends, gather data on the industry’s contribution to the Australian economy, and validate the power of exhibitions as both a driver of the economy and an effective marketing channel. These studies provide the evidence needed for the Association’s lobbying and advocacy programs and are also a valuable sales and marketing tool for our members. We also contribute to research conducted by international bodies to ensure that the Australasia region is represented and has a voice on the global stage.

Professional standards

The EEAA is committed to upholding the highest industry standards and as such requires that its members abide by professional Code of Ethics.


The EEAA promotes, recognises and celebrates achievement and excellence in the industry through its annual Awards for Excellence program. Our prestigious awards program shines a light on the achievements of members and honours the existing and future leaders of our industry – the shows, venues, suppliers, teams and individuals that have excelled in their field and are beacons of innovation, passion, leadership and commitment.

The Association has a vast network of independent judges who evaluate the award submissions. This peer-to-peer evaluation encourages members to continually strive higher. The Award for Excellence marque is widely respected and is used by winners in their marketing.


The EEAA delivers networking events throughout the year right around Australia. These events help to build business and peer-to-peer relationships between members, broker introductions across the membership and, ultimately, build a stronger exhibition and event community. These events attract prominent business, industry and government leaders and provide our members with the opportunity to make valuable connections both within and outside the EEAA member community.

Each year the Association runs over 30 events using, where possible, member venues and services. This is a much-valued showcasing opportunity within the EEAA community.


The EEAA is committed to ensuring the exhibition and event industry prospers well into the future by promoting careers in the sector and helping to ensure ongoing access to a skilled talent pool and quality labour. We do this by collaborating with our members in the training sector to influence course content, assist with the design and development of industry-relevant training packages, courses and workshops, and provide our members with access to internships and trainees. We also represent the industry on advisory committees and advocate for policy that supports appropriate skills training in the sector.


The EEAA is committed to improving the sustainability to the events industry. The EEAA appointed Edge Environment to assist the Association in developing a scientifically driven and contemporary approach to sustainability and waste reduction. The EEAA and Edge Environment will conduct its own assessments and consult with stakeholders to identify ‘hotspots’ and to design a roadmap and solutions. They will also implement a strategy to ensure commitment from the industry and EEAA members.

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