"We're helping to build the skills for a sustainable future for our sector."


Investing in a sustainable future for the sector

The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) is proactively involved in ensuring the exhibition and event industry prospers well into the future. We do this by collaborating with our members in the training sector to support and nurture an adequately trained workforce that will help to provide the sector with access to a skilled talent pool. In 2016, the Association ramped up its engagement with government and training sector stakeholders to ensure that students are being appropriately equipped for jobs in the sector.


  1. represents the industry on advisory committees that influence training packages and make recommendations on changes to course models, such as the SkillsIQ Industry Advisory Committee
  2. works with training providers and academic institutions to develop and deliver industry-relevant course content and training programs
  3. advocates on behalf of the sector to influence policy in relation to skills training and access to labour
  4. connects EEAA members to institutions that offer internships and trainees
  5. provides its members and the broader exhibition and event community with professional development opportunities via its year-round calendar of seminars, workshops and events.


Professional development opportunities

The EEAA delivers a year-round calendar of relevant and thought-provoking events about key issues facing the industry, including an annual conference, regular seminars and workshops, as well as frequent networking opportunities to help build business and peer-to-peer relationships between Members and, ultimately, a stronger exhibition and event community.

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Jobs and careers

Imagine being part of a team that organises events for 300, 3,000 or even 30,000 people… or creating something that doesn’t yet exist… or turning your hobby into a successful career. It takes all types of people, with all kinds of skills, to create an event.

‘A career for life’ is a campaign developed by the Association to promote the vast and exciting opportunities and career pathways available in the exhibition and event industry.

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