"We are dedicated to always giving our members what they need to succeed."

Leadership and professional development

The Association produces events throughout the year that allow members to meet and discuss issues and opportunities impacting the sector. They include headland annual events like the Conference and Leaders Forum, as well as seminars and workshops.

These member forums support the professional development of our members and build a stronger community in the exhibition and event sector. Attended by prominent business, industry and government leaders, these events provide our members with the opportunity to hear about the latest business trends and opinions, make valuable connections both within and outside the EEAA member community, and are forums for coaching our leaders and building competencies specific to our sector.

Insights from our forums help to set the agenda for the Association and inform the content of future events to ensure we are always giving our members what they need to succeed.


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EEAA Conference

Each year, the Association delivers an annual conference for its members and the exhibition and event community. The program delivers insights, advice and commentary from leading national and international speakers on all sectors of the industry and attracts prominent business, industry and government leaders. The Conference provides a platform for attendees to hear about the latest business trends and opinions and make valuable connections both within and outside the EEAA member community.

EEAA Awards for Excellence

The EEAA Awards for Excellence are where the industry’s leading event organisers, venues, suppliers, teams and individuals shine. The annual program recognises and celebrates the best in the industry – those who have excelled in their field and are beacons of innovation, passion, leadership and commitment.

EEAA Leaders Forum

Once a year, the industry’s CEOs and senior directors gather to discuss issues of pressing importance. Delivered in a workshop-style format, the event is a valuable opportunity for the industry’s most senior representatives to debate and discuss the most important issues of the day, collaborate on solutions and build and strengthen their networks within Australia’s exhibition and event community.

Young Stars

The EEAA Young Stars events gives emerging leaders professional development and networking opportunities. It’s a platform for the youngest members of the Association to share their views, ideas and experiences, and provides exclusive opportunities for future leaders to learn from eachother and be mentored by the industry’s best.

EEAA Strategic Partners Forum

This is an annual event that honours the contribution of the Association’s Platinum and Gold members. Held over lunch, the Strategic Partners Forum is one of the EEAA’s most popular events for the year, providing an exclusive, invitation-only opportunity for the Association’s greatest supporters to hear from leading political analysts and commentators on the state of play in Canberra and around the country, and network with their peers.

EEAA Global Exchange

Our Global Exchange event is a key part of our global partnerships strategy, which focusses on ensuring our industry consistently looks ‘outwards’, leverages global opportunities and strengthens its international connections. The annual event provides the Australasian industry with a unique opportunity to hear from a globally recognised leader and build its global relationships.

Search our event calendar to see what's coming up