By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia , 7 April, 2017


Leading business and political figures have endorsed the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) in a new video released by the Association which shows the positive impact that the EEAA has had on the industry’s growth and development.

The video includes testimonials from Members of the Australian business events community, government representatives and business leaders speaking about the Association’s effectiveness as an advocate for the sector and the benefits of membership.


Matt Pearce, CEO, Talk2 Media & Events: “When I started my business this year, having been part of the EEAA in other businesses, the first thing I did was to join the EEAA. You can’t underestimate the power of an organisation advocating for you.”

Julia Erben, Event Director, Reed Exhibitions: “It is lovely to be part of the EEAA community… whenever we are here with the EEAA we learn so much from other people and it is inspiring to have this exchange with your peers so I’m very grateful that there is an association who fosters the growth and innovation of our industry.”


Lyndel Gray, CEO, Caravan and Camping Industry Association NSW: “The EEAA association for me is such an important network to be able to come together with like-minded individuals… it’s creating a network of contacts within a group of experts to me adds enormous value.”

Troy Williams, CEO, Australian Dental Industry Association: “It’s probably unique for an industry association such as ADIA to join another association in EEAA and look we could not be happier with our affiliation with it. We find the expertise of Joyce and her staff to be first-rate in providing us with advice and guidance on how to make our tradeshows and other events better. For any association that’s not a member of EEAA, I’d encourage you to join tomorrow.”


Peter King, CEO, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre: “It’s very much an industry-focussed group and the advocacy in particular I think has been incredibly successful over the last few years. As an industry we’re getting much greater recognition, both from a State perspective and from a Federal perspective…and a lot of that has been driven out of the EEAA.”

Geoff Donaghy, Group Director Convention Centres, AEG Ogden: “Look exhibitions of course, whether trade or consumer, are a very important part of the business mix for venues, but they’re also incredibly important for the development of trade, industry and commerce… And the work that EEAA does in advancing the understanding of this within government and industry itself is very important.


Jonathan O’Dea, NSW Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Treasurer: “The Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia plays a driving role. Not only do they encourage innovation, they set a benchmark for excellence in what is an extremely strong and valuable industry.”

The Hon. Bruce Baird AM: “I’ve had a long relationship with the Association. They do an amazing job. People like Joyce DiMascio are known throughout the industry…full of energy and enthusiasm. We need more of that to drive us along.”

Now in its 25th year, the Association has become an influential and respected voice for the business event sector in Australia.

EEAA Chief Executive, Joyce DiMascio, says the Association is the strongest it’s ever been and will continue to invest in the programs, initiatives and campaigns that deliver the greatest benefits to its Members.

“Everything we do is for our Members. Our report card for the last year shows the extent of what we do to help our Members’ businesses grow and prosper, including representing their interests in influential government and business forums around the country and overseas, providing extensive opportunities for the industry to learn, network and nurture talent, and recognition and support for their achievements.

“And, this year we have already negotiated a promising partnership with Mumbrella that will help our industry to broaden its influence, opening doors to the marketing community to gain recognition for exhibitions and events as powerful and effective marketing channels.

“We are in great shape. We are strong and focussed and we are delivering. There’s no better time to be part of our community.”

Ms DiMascio highlighted the many opportunities available to engage with the Association, including:

  • Attending, sponsoring and speaking at events: visit our event calendar to see what’s coming up
  • Taking part in the Young Stars Program: The Young Stars Program offers networking and professional development opportunities for the industry’s rising stars.
  • Becoming a Member: we’ve recently revised our membership benefits to deliver even more value to our members. Discover the value of EEAA membership.
  • Connecting on social media: connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and visit our new website to stay informed about the industry and be part of our online community

“We look forward to continued support from both within and outside our industry to help us continue helping our Members to grow their businesses.

“We thank all those who have provided the testimonials included in our new video and we encourage the industry to be part of our Association,” she said.

Click here to view the new video.

Source: EEAA