By Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia, 8 August, 2014

As a young professional in the industry I really appreciated the invitation to join the EEAA Queensland Member Round-Table at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. I have only been in the Events Industry for almost two years so I am always eager to learn what is happening and get a better understanding of the industry to further develop in my role at Ungerboeck Software International.


At the Round-Table it was great to see so many organisations coming together around QLD – including the EEAA Board Members and organisations that are clients of Ungerboeck, to hear what has been happening with the Association and get an inside scoop on the upcoming G20. I find guest presentations valuable and it was good to have the different organisations speak about the G20 and hear what has been involved with organising this important, lagre-scale event. It was pleasant to end the night with networking drinks at the GREAT Sky Bar at the BCEC with the night views of Brisbane!


I am really looking forward to what EEAA has planned and further developing my career in the Industry. I feel that being involved with this Association can only better my development and strongly suggest to other Young Stars to spread the word about the program so we can all grow together!


By Samara Wilson, Ungerboeck Software International

Source: Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia