Your Face is the new Event Barcode!

By Info Salons Group, 15 February, 2018

Sending event attendees registration or ticket confirmations with a barcode has been the market standard for years. Scanning the barcode directly from attendees’ mobile phone to produce the name badge is also a widely accepted practice. This can all be provided in a self-operated environment for speed of delivery.

The problem has always been that you do not know if the visitor collecting the name badge is the one who has registered, unless you manually view each attendees’ personal photo ID at the time of badge printing. That is until now!

Info Salons Facial Recognition registration software & badge printing system is a much more powerful version of the method your smart phone might use to identify contacts in your photos.

Using software to recognise people’s faces and validate their identities can streamline badge production and access control at events while providing superior security.

How it works

Info Salons uses one of several methods of what are called “biometric” identification systems. Facial recognition examines physical features of a person’s face to distinguish one person from all the others in the event database. Info Salons facial recognition software does this in three steps: faceprint creation, detection and verification or identification.

An Info Salons pre-registration page will include our unique “Take Your Photo” widget that allows visitors to ‘snap’ a facial photograph of themselves during the pre-registration process. They do not have to upload an image.

Onsite the attendee simply stands in front of the Info Salons Fast Track station which detects the face with real-time technology for recording, matching and identification. Our software automatically differentiates faces from other objects in the frame to improve efficiency.

The Info Salons face recognition matching algorithm provides best in class 99.7% accuracy regardless of the database size. Once the face is detected and identified the attendees’ name badge prints instantly.

A key factor affecting how well facial recognition works is lighting. An evenly lit face seen directly from the front, with no shadows and nothing blocking the camera’s view, can help with the facial recognition process.

Privacy concerns

Attendees may raise privacy concerns over facial recognition. One of the chief worries is that, photos are being stored in the organisers’ database, which could be passed on to third parties. The Info Salons Facial Recognition software does not save the photo, instead it vectorises the image and saves it as a number representing each face in 128 bytes. This number is then stored in the pre-registration database against the attendees record providing full peace of mind against any privacy concerns.

See it in action at AIME2018

This is a personal invitation to all event professionals to come along and experience our Facial Recognition software on the Info Salons stand 1530 at AIME 2018 in Melbourne 20-21 February. We’d love to show you how it works and discuss how it can streamline the registration, security and access control at your next event. Make sure you register before you arrive!

Source: Info Salons Group