Zadro news – Merry Christmas & our top 10 client questions and answers in 2017

By , 13 December, 2017




Merry Christmas!

 2017 is almost wrapped up, and what a year it has been! We want to acknowledge and thank our clients and community for your support and the opportunity to work with you.

Before we finish up for our 10th year in business, we thought we’d share with you just some of the questions we’ve been asked in 2017.

Have a safe and happy festive season.

From all the team at Zadro Agency



1. Why are customer and staff insight projects important to marketing?

 A: Zadro recommends insight surveys to uncover truths about a brand or culture, usually after a major shift in an organisation’s environment, e.g. changes to government policy, new competition, after a merger or acquisition, or even after a consistent period of business.

Felicity Zadro shares how to move past the anecdotes and get to the crunchy truth about what is really going on in the hearts and minds of your most important people – your staff and your customers.

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2. What outcomes am I going to get from my PR?

 A: Good question. This does depend on what you want to achieve and with whom. However, if you need to raise awareness, hone a message, communicate to stakeholders, build and manage your reputation and position your organisation a certain way, PR is for you.

PR is about media, but it is also encompasses sponsorships, tradeshow involvement, lobbying, advocacy and increasingly social media as part of the mix. As we are an integrated communications agency, we use a range of channels to support the PR push.

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3. How do I get more bums on seats at my conference?

 A: Hosting a conference is a significant undertaking and, of course, you want it to be a resounding success! Debbie Bradley, Group Account Director, says strategy and integration are the two – not so secret – keys to communications success when promoting your conference, kicking conference goals and securing the all-important ‘bums on seats’.

Make sure your whole team are aware of the strategy to make your campaign that much more powerful. Also, integrate your communications across a mix of channels to maximise your reach.

Find out more about event marketing.



4. What is the best way to approach a brand redevelopment?

 A: A rebrand, a refresh, or a brand-spanking-new concept should be an exciting time for your business – but it is so often not well considered, resulting in costly and damaging missteps.

Our Creative Lead, Mellanie Wulf, believes as your brand is your identity it needs to fully encompasses your story, your people, your key messages and your visual look and feel – it needs to quickly and consistently explain who you are, what you do and engage with your target audiences.

Mellanie has put together a very valuable step-by-step guide on strategically rebranding your business. Read the steps here





 A: The team you bring together for your strategic communications planning session needs important consideration, as it is often where we make influential decisions with long ranging impacts.

We aim for strong strategy and binding consensus and create the space to debate and analyse. Therefore, you don’t want all the people who agree with you – you want to thrash out the arguments of the ‘nay-sayers’ and ‘devil’s advocates’ and the different aspects of the organisation represented in one place, so you can deal with the tough issues and move on.

Whoever you choose – you must have everyone in the same room at the same time.

Get Zadro to help you COMM*BAT in 2018!




6. What should I do when someone is negative on social media?

 A: Social media is an open, live and public forum for anyone to say what they will… or is it? There is legitimate rising concern about trolls and fake accounts.

If you are faced with negative comments on social media our advice is: be quick to respond, be positive, be honest, and remain as authentic as possible. Try and take the discussion offline, as it may not be something you can solve instantly, and offer an email address to the person if they want to discuss it further. If it is offensive then report them to the social channel (social channels don’t want their brand tainted either).

Add fresh content to your pages so it’s not the first piece of content visitors see. If you’re at a live event with a hashtag then ask the MC to openly say you’re being spammed, if that’s the case. And ALWAYS ensure your organisation has an internal and external social media policy and guidelines to follow.





 A: Policy makers, like everyone else, are short on time. They are also making important decisions about complex issues and legislation that could influence our organisations, industries and communities.

This is why, like every other piece of communication, you have to market your issue to them, not just bombard them with research. Change the way your information is presented. Adapt your research, results, issues, or presentation into a visual display such as a video or a flyer with bite-sized graphics of your results.

And importantly, make sure your materials to policy makers contain: 1. What it is you want, 2. What’s in it for them, 3. Why it would be good/bad for the Government, business, and their voters.

We have some incredible experience in our team – contact Debbie to know more.



8. Does anyone read e-newsletters anymore?

 A: You may glance, before you hit delete, but the numbers tell a different story. We know that generating regular and consistent content is paramount to an effective digital marketing strategy and to drive sales.

However, so often the content doesn’t connect or provide something of value to the audience to be effective. So how do you generate content for your e-newsletters and digitally that will create loyal subjects?

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9. What are the trends for 2018?

 A: It is important to stay up-to-date with the current market trends to remain ahead of the competition. We live in a connected and shrinking world, therefore marketing efforts need to be focused and targeted – and 2018 is set to be a game-changer!

Our Group Account Director, Sammy Dalglish, outlines the key trends set to shape the marketing industry, including a whole lot of tech, video and AI.

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10. How can I measure the impact of your work?

 A: Zadro is squarely focused on the results of our work. It drives us, for as business communicators, we are here to fulfil your business goals.

We have different methodology for each of the channels, i.e. measuring social is different to PR, and we are constantly educating ourselves on the latest and greatest ways of delivering value; for our profession is going through rapid change.

Are you after more awareness, more sales, more ticket registrations, more clients, more market share? Each of these objectives will mean a different approach and way of working.

The key is to understand what outcomes you need the most and when – and we work back from there.




Thank you!

 From all the Zadro team, we would like to thank you for your support. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We look forward to hearing from you in 2018 – don’t forgot to email us or call 02 9212 7867 to discuss your Strategic Communications Plan that will get you good results in the new year!


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